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Top 10 Words in Advertising According to the psychology department at Yale University after extensive study: NEW - Is part of the basic human makeup to seek novelty SAVE - we all want to save something SAFETY - this could be about health or long-lasting quality PROVEN - this helps remove the fear out of trying something new LOVE - this has always been the all-time favorite DISCOVER - this presents a sense of excitement and adventure GUARANTEE - provides a sense of safety at time of purchase HEALTH - especially good when it's applicable to your product RESULTS - this one works in rationalizing a purchase YOU - this is listed as the number one most powerful word in every survey reviewed. It is one that should be used in your headline whenever possible. It certainly should be part of your opening line. Use a P.S.: The most read part of all direct mail is the P.S.... Restate your offer, offer a bonus gift, have a strong call to action. Give much thought to this one or two line sales message. It can make the difference between a mediocre and successful ad campaign. Edit and re-edit to reduce to as few words as possible. Use power words above. In-Store Marketing: Information Resources, Inc. compared the sales of hot dogs when featured in various combos of marketing efforts. Sales increased; 34% by reducing price 15%; 439% with 15% price reduction AND a display; 185% with 15% price reduction AND an ad; 623% with 15% reduction PLUS ad, PLUS display. When planning your next ad campaign, try combining in-store signs and run ads (or direct mail). If doing a mailing (or ad) repeat ad on in-store posters. Sell Benefits According to Jeffrey Dobkin, author of the 400-page marketing manual, How To Market A Product for Under $500.... The best formula for creating headlines in marketing is "New product offers benefit, benefit, benefit." Use this to create the headline of your press releases and advertisements, for envelope teaser copy, and for the beginning lead of your brochure. Example: "New keyboard offers faster typing, greater accuracy, and is less tiring." Use Jeff Dobkin's 100 to 1 Rule: Write 100 lines, go back and pick your best 1. Ad Placement Study finds that full-color ads placed next to other full color ads had higher readership scores than those placed next to editorial material. The study found although readers spent less time with ads facing other ads, they are more likely to recall them.
Marketing Tips